Photomontage Designers

Frequently Asked Questions About Photomontage Art, Photomontage Collage and Photomontage Designers

Photomontage art, photomontage collage and photomontage designers all play an important role in the renovation and remodeling of buildings. However, these are terms that not many people, including engineers and architects, are familiar with. If you are looking to give an old building a face lift, transform the inside of an old building, or change a smaller old building into something larger and grander, using photomontage may be invaluable to you. Here is more information on this technique.


What is Photomontage Art?


Photomontage art is an art form that takes existing pictures and layers new pictures on top of the existing one. When it comes to building, this technique takes a photo or drawing of an existing building or space and then layers on different pictures that show various stages of the remodeling or renovation project. The end picture will show what the building will look like when it is completed, allowing you to show a builder or investor exactly how the building will transform from its existing form to a new form.


Why is Photomontage Collage Used in Building Design?


Photomontage collage is used in building design because it can be hard for some people to visualize how an older or smaller building can be transformed into something more grand and luxurious. Being able to layer photos on a computer allows them to see how pulling off the exterior materials, adding a couple of new floors and then adding a new exterior facade can make an older building look and feel brand new again.


What Are the Benefits of Using Photomontage Designers For Construction Projects?


The biggest benefit associated with having photomontage designers create collages for building projects is that it helps people who cannot visualize a transformation watch the transformation on a computer program. When you watch home improvement shows on television, you see a lot of this technology. This type of technology is not only for those on TV though. It can be used by anyone who is unable to see your vision or plans for a building.


If you are working with a structure that is already in place, and looking to change it up, photomontage art, photomontage collage and photomontage designers can help you to merge the existing building and create a rendering that shows how it will transform and become the building or space you are planning. At Morphe 3D Visualisation, we are proud to offer this technique to help show both the current version and how it will morphe into the new version. Contact us now to let us create drawings showing how your building will be transformed.